Tennis is a physically demanding sport that requires players to have a high level of fitness. To perform at their best, tennis players need to focus on the 5 different aspects of physical training: strength, speed, stamina, flexibility and coordination. Those training aspects allow players to stay competitive and excel on the court. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tennis player, this article will provide you with valuable insights into the training that will help you become a better tennis player.

Strength is important in tennis because it provides players with the power and explosiveness needed to execute a variety of shots with speed and accuracy. Tennis involves a lot of quick movements such as running, hitting, and changing direction, and players need to be able to perform these movements with speed and power. Strength also allows a player to highly improve his speed as it considerably improves acceleration. On top of that, not only does a strong upper body help players maintain a good posture and balance when hitting overhead shots, but it also gives faster strokes throughout the match. This is extremely helpful as it can take off precious time from the opponent. Recent studies have shown that a 90km/h shot takes off half a second more from the opponent compared to a 60km/h shot: half a second over and over again throughout a match makes enormous differences.

80% of the shots in a tennis match are taken after a run of less than 3 meters. This clearly demonstrates of that explosivity and acceleration is a lot more important than just mere speed. One of the biggest advantages of increased speed on the court is that it allows players to reach shots that they would not be able to with a slower speed. This can give players an edge over their opponents, as they will be able to return shots that were previously unreachable. Being able to move around the court faster also gives players greater control over their opponent’s shots. Having greater control over their shots can lead to fewer errors and more successful points. Increased explosivity also allows players to hit more powerful shots, as they will have more time and energy to generate power in their swings.